Search Engine Optimization Services

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one particular subset of a larger discipline called Search Engine Marketing…an umbrella term for the marketing of your products or services over the Internet and World Wide Web. Search Marketing methods include (but are not limited to): search engine optimization (SEO), paid inclusion, online press releases, opt-in newsletters, pay per click advertising (PPC), website log file analysis, public relations, copywriting, managing affiliate programs, and more. Any activity that makes your web site more visible and effective can be considered Search Engine Marketing.

“Over 200 million searches a day are made on the Google search engine by potential customers…are people finding your company in the search results and are they buying your products and services?”

Search Engine Optimization, in particular, is the act of modifying your web site so that your web site ranks well in the organic listing section of a search engine results page (commonly called a SERP). These are the free listings (as opposed to the paid‚ sponsored links‚ usually found to the right or at the top of a SERP); and the ordering of results is based on how relevant a Search Engine thinks your page is based on a user query.

The SEO practitioner’s mission is simple: Modify an existing site or page (or create a new one) so that it delivers highly-targeted traffic to their clients web site. Search Marketing then comes into play…once the qualified visitor is at your site, direct them to make a predetermined action. e.g. make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, download a whitepaper etc.

I help search engines to learn about and understand your site with the goal of driving more, and better quality search traffic to your website.

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