National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Child, Youth and Family Mental Health

The National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Child, Youth and Family Mental Health (NTTAC) provides training and technical assistance on children’s behavioral health, with a focus on systems of care to states, tribes, territories, and communities.

We partner with states and communities to develop the most effective and sustainable systems of care possible for the benefit of children and youth with behavioral health needs and their families. We provide technical assistance and support across the nation to state and local agencies, including youth and family leadership and organizations.

The Institute for Innovation & Implementation at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, leads a team of core partners as the coordinating entity and centralized contact for the TA Network. These core partners include:

In addition to the core partners, the TA Network includes a diverse team of advisors, consultants and organizations, all of whom provide expertise on a wide range of subject matter.

The TA Network strives to support the development of effective service systems and a skilled and well-prepared workforce. Our technical assistance is guided by system of care values and principles and is tailored to the needs of states and communities. We are committed to delivering field-driven, data-informed, culturally responsive TA that is relevant, timely and informed by ongoing peer-informed experience in the field.

The following services are available exclusively to CMHI system of care grantees:


  • Systems Coaches provide site-driven TA and assist grantees in developing TA plans and in tapping into specific content expertise from our TA Network partners and Consultant Pool, as well as peer-to-peer opportunities. Systems Coaches are assigned based on their experience and expertise and may shift over time as new needs arise.
  • Systems Coaches are available for regular calls (monthly or more/less frequently depending upon the grantee’s request).


  • Content Experts are matched to grantees depending upon required subject matter expertise through a variety of mechanisms, including grantee responses to State and Community Information Exchanges; input from Systems Coaches and other consultants working with grantees; needs identified in TA plans; and identification of needs through Rapid Response requests.
  • Content Experts are available for scheduled calls and/or individualized webinars.
  • Content Experts are members of core partner agencies of the TA Network and/or part of TA Network Consultant Pool. Grantees have unlimited access to TA Network core partners.   Additionally, the TA Network is able to provide access to consultants from the Consulting Pool for a set number of hours across all of the grants. Grantees may also contract with consultants directly using CMHI or other funds.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SUPPORT COORDINATOR (Point person at University of Maryland)

  • Technical Assistance Support Coordinators (TASCs) are assigned to each grantee and serve as administrative liaisons to ensure that TA needs are met. TASCs do not provide technical assistance themselves; their role is to support the grantee, System Coaches and Content Experts.
  • TASCs are the centralized point of contact for TA requests (requests may originate from rapid response emails, calls with system coaches and content experts).


  • A limited number of on-site TA visits are available to grantees.
  • This level of assistance is focused on those grantees that are in the stages of development where an intensive and customized approach will accelerate their ability to advance system of care expansion and sustainability.
  • Sites are selected in collaboration with the SAMHSA Government Project Officer (GPO) and are subject to the availability of funds.

 The TA Network’s generalized TA services are available to anyone seeking resources on how to improve outcomes for children, youth and families within a system of care framework.


  • Office Hours are topic-focused conference calls or webinars that are open to individuals who have specific questions or discussion points related to specific topics. Office Hours may begin with a brief PowerPoint or presentation that frames the purpose of the call. Then, the call is opened up to participants.
  • Office Hours are related to the identified topic, but tailored to the TA needs of the individuals on the call.
  • Office Hours may occur in follow-up to a recent webinar or event, and are announced through the TA Telegram (see below for description of this resource).


  • Learning Exchange Series consist of an initial webinar to provide general information to participants after which interested participants will commit to participating in a Learning Exchange Series that will take place over the course of four months. The Learning Exchange Series commitment includes conference calls in which participants discuss potential implementation strategies and receive technical assistance from content experts to support local implementation.  Participants agree to participate in all four Learning Exchange calls and to the development of local implementation planning strategies.
  • Learning Exchange Series are announced through the weekly TA Telegram (see below for description of this resource).


  • Webinars are topical presentations for a broad group of participants. Webinars can be part of a series of presentations around an overarching topic or a single presentation. In most instances, a webinar does not exceed 90 minutes, and includes an opportunity for participants to ask questions.
  • Webinars are announced through the weekly TA Telegram (see below for description of this resource).


  • TA briefs and resources are developed by the TA Network in response to commonly identified TA needs and in response to newly available data, technology and opportunities.
  • TA briefs and resources are announced through the TA Telegram (see below for description of this resource) and sent to grantees, as relevant, by TASCs and System Coaches.


  • The weekly TA Telegram is an e-newsletter that delivers up-to-the-minute information on resources, training, grants, and other news of interest to systems of care.
  • Subscribe to the TA Telegram.


  • Monthly publication, available via email subscription, that features written resources by the TA Network focused on issues relevant to children’s behavioral health and systems of care.
  • Subscribe to the TA Telescope.


  • Monthly publication, available via email subscription, that features short, animated videos around varying system of care topics.
  • Subscribe to the Monthly Minute.


  • Monthly publication, available via email subscription, that features questions from grantees and resources that were used to address the question.
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