NTTAC’s Approach to Technical Assistance

Technical assistance (TA) is provided by multiple people spread across the NTTAC and includes areas of expertise in priority systems of care expansion and sustainability areas.

TA provided by NTTAC includes three different levels:

Generalized TA

Generalized TA encompasses a wide range dissemination of resources and information highlighting improvements and strategies for translating innovations into practice. This broad-based TA raises awareness on issues and assists states, tribes and communities in formulating strategies for system design and implementation. Generalized TA provides access to resources on broad-based topics that are developed by TA Network Partners.

Individualized TA

Individualized TA is a customized approach based on the needs of states, tribes and communities, and can include assignment of a lead consultant; to deliver specific technical expertise; serve as a coach; and/or facilitate access to other content experts. Individualized TA includes Rapid Response to specific questions or requests for particular resource material, or accelerated access to a content expert for brief telephone or e-mail consultation. States, tribes and communities may also join Learning Communities (LC), which are focused on topical content developed based on commonly identified needs, and are open to interested stakeholders, who are connected via listerv or email group to allow for peer-to-peer communication, networking and learning. LCs include online training; webinars; podcasts; office hours; and other resources.

Intensive TA

Intensive TA is targeted to states, tribes and communities that, due to their phase of development, require an intensive and customized approach to accelerate their ability to advance child behavioral health reforms. Upon application and approval, intensive TA may include onsite work with our experts or peer-exchange site visits. Intensive TA is also available to support the development of internal training and TA capacity for Centers of Excellence

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