Policy, System Design and Financing

Additional Information

Topics addressed under Policy, System Design and Financing include:

  • Medicaid: Customizing Medicaid re-design and health reforms for children, youth and young adults with behavioral health challenges and those in child welfare.
  • Mental Health Block Grant: Leveraging the set aside funding for early onset mental health disorders
  • Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Block Grant: Promoting policies and financing for prevention and treatment of adolescent substance use disorders
  • Title IV-E Child Welfare Waivers: Coordination with Medicaid reforms
  • Grant Administration: Managing specific requirements of federal grants
  • Purchasing Models: Implementing value-based purchasing arrangements and use of case rates
  • Financing and Utilization Analyses: Analyzing child behavioral health service use and expense across child-serving systems
  • Cost Benefit Analyses: Designing and implementing cost-benefit analyses related to home and community-based services and evidence-based practices
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Measuring ROI related to the provision of home and community-based care and intensive care coordination using High Fidelity Wraparound
  • Sustainability: Designing and implementing cross-agency financing strategies to sustain children’s behavioral health reforms
  • Governance: Directed at decision making and oversight structures involving day-to-day operations, as well as system of care governance
  • System, Community and Population Considerations: Identification of populations of focus using prevalence and utilization data; qualitative data; state and community priorities; and other factors