Client Testimonials

I am obsessed with happy clients…perhaps that’s why we end up working 10+ years together. Here are some nice things they’ve had to say:

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“Results tell it all. With Mike’s combined expertise in both web design and online marketing, our online business tripled after one year. It was a pleasure working with Mike.”

Jim WalkerJim Walker, Transcat, Inc.
Monro Muffler Testimonial

A true team player.

“Mike has an excellent work ethic and always comes through under pressure. A creative and hardworking designer, he took ownership of our high-volume/short turnaround projects, ensuring that everything was done right and on time, every time. Mike is a true team player. I would gladly accept the chance to work with him again in the future.”

Shannon Reddy, Creative Director, — Monro, Inc.

…he listens and understands from the client’s perspective.

“Creating a brand for a design forward business is both a challenge and a joy, and Michael’s partnership with us has been very clearly one of the secrets of our success.

Michael and I have collaborated for twenty years developing our brand’s story. Our logo, packaging, print advertising, website and social media sites have consistently and creatively represented our vision through his interpretation. Over the years, his creative direction has helped us define and refine our image – and today as we are again pivoting our business model, he is once again developing a fresh new look and perspective for us.

To say that working with Michael is a business owner’s dream is an understatement. He is easy going and responsive. His design acumen is exceptional. He listens and understands from the client’s perspective. We look forward to many more years of creative synergy!”

Peggy GrowneyPeggy Growney, Windsor Cottage

…detail-oriented, creative, and a reliable graphic designer.

“Michael is detail-oriented, creative, and a reliable graphic designer and online marketer. He can take just a few bits of information from you, and in-turn, build a unique and complete business solution for your company that accurately reflects your personality and brand goals. He’s fast, friendly, and affordable. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for someone to take his or her small business to the next level.”

Beth Buchanan- DelforteBeth Buchanan- Delforte, VP of Talent Acquisition & Development, Greenlight Networks

…the consummate professional extremely passionate about his craft.

“I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Mike on several key projects while managing marketing initiatives in my previous role at RIT. I can personally attest to not only Mike’s excellence as a designer, but his keen business acumen as well. I am perhaps most impressed however by Mike’s visionary approach to his work. Mike is not only the designer someone can only dream of working with, he is the consummate professional extremely passionate about his craft. This passion is readily captured in all his work. From initial consultation Mike takes the time to truly listen to best determine what his client really needs. Mike asks all the right questions and directly translates what he gleans from you about a project into his work. No matter what the ask, Mike always pleasantly surprised me by incorporating my vision and adding his creativity to far exceed my expectations in the end result. Mike’s cutting edge creativity always presents a new, fresh perspective that brings a project into a new dimension. Customer focus is beyond excellent—would highly recommend anyone in need of exceptional design skills and project management to call Mike!”

Nadia BolalekNadia Bolalek, Communications Manager, R.I.T. College of Engineering Technology

…a joy to work with, is passionate about his work.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Michael at not just one, but “three” individual companies. Michael is an extremely talented designer and successful Internet Marketer. He has a big personality, is a joy to work with, is passionate about his work, and more importantly, always comes to the table with a better idea or better solution in mind. He has an exceptional ability to understand the customer’s needs both verbally and through design. Michael would be a profitable asset to any organization and I highly recommend him. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the near future.”

Ann MaynardAnn Maynard, Vice President of Human Resources, BlueTie, Inc.

…a creative thinker and problem-solver.

“Michael has a very unique skill-set in that he is a creative thinker and problem-solver with graphic design and usability expertise, is a technology geek who knows how to program using the latest standards, and also has a background in business, marketing, and product management. And he’s a great guy to work with, too… his great sense of humor and up-beat personality puts everyone at ease and meetings become a lot more fun as a result. I would strongly recommend Michael for your next web design or marketing project.”

Kevin Klein: President, Adventive, Inc.Kevin Klein, President, Adventive, Inc.

…a gift for all things creative.

“Mike is a rare individual with a gift for all things creative. Not only does he excel in pursuits such as web and graphic design, but his creative thought process translates into highly-innovative solutions. This is best demonstrated by his proficiency in marketing strategy, where he applies both his superior design skills in unison with the strategy necessary to drive any campaign forward.”

“Posed with a task, no matter how large or small, Mike will take an approach uniquely his own and it will be one that delivers outstanding results. Mike’s natural talent is further enhanced by his charismatic personality.”

Jim SimpsonJim Simpson, Vice President, Product at Mimeo

…constantly created solid concept designs.

“Michael is passionate about design. I worked with Michael on several projects and he did a great job listening to the business goals for the project and researching the vertical in order to develop a persona that would interact with the web site and collaterals. Michael constantly created solid concept designs and was always on time with deliverables. I would highly recommend Michael, his whit and humor is a great bonus and makes him fun to work with!”

Kim HoffmanKim Hoffman, Marketing Director at Ardent

…the creativity and flexibility we were looking for.

“Pixelpunk offered us the creativity and flexibility we were looking for in developing a new website. While we already had a design concept in mind, Mike was able to help us flesh out our ideas and offer solid suggestions to improve the client experience at our site. The new site has increased helped increase our sales by 35%.

Salley ThorntonSalley Thornton, VP Marketing Communications, Toshiba Business Solutions

…he is the guy you always want to have on your team.

“Michael’s creative passion and his unique creative talent make him the top graphic and web designer for any project you may have. He is very responsive, he takes the quality of work he delivers very seriously, and he is always willing to help even if something is outside of the realm of his expertise. He is the guy you always want to have on your team. I would strongly recommend Michael for your next graphic or web design project.”

Jacek WoloszukJacek Woloszuk, VP of Product Development, ROC IT Solutions

…we look forward to a long and successful relationship.

“One of Rochester’s gems! I was very fortunate to click on the only ad I’ve ever clicked on in Facebook to find Michael aka ‘PixelPunk’. He came into our company with no knowledge of what we do, how we do it, or why. Several weeks later Michael came back with some beautifully designed and creative mock-ups that captured the ideas we had on paper in a way that went beyond our expectation. In a nutshell, Michael ‘gets it.’ We look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Rebecca PovioRebecca Povio, Branding & Communications Manager, ITX Corp

…an expert of the highest quality and a true pleasure to work with.

“Design can make or break a business in this new Web economy and Mr. Johnson clearly illustrated how the use of good design can differentiate a company from its competition…Mr. Johnson is an expert of the highest quality and a true pleasure to work with. He will be an asset to any business attempting to build or maintain a presence on the World Wide Web.”

Professor Abraham SeidmannProfessor Abraham Seidmann, Simon School of Business, University of Rochester

…climbing the search engine rankings.

“I finally have a website that compliments my business perfectly. Michael set my expectations accurately and then delivered on every aspect of design and implementation of our new website. It has the look and feel I was hoping for and is now delivering results and climbing the search engine rankings. The knowledge and talent Michael brings to the table cannot be overstated. With Michael’s guidance, we were able to build a website that has the look and features necessary to accurately deliver our message. My recommendation for Michael and Pixelpunk is so strong that I am currently using Michael to rebuild a site for my other business.”

Ken Gan: President, Macs II Mechanical And Collision ServiceKen Gan, President, Macs II Mechanical And Collision Service