Website Design & Development Services

Our Website Design Development Process

We utilize a six-phase approach for implementing effective web design and search marketing strategies for your business.

  1. Competitive Analysis and Research
  2. Usability Review/Analysis
  3. Creative Exploration & Design Development
  4. Production Management & Implementation
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Outcome Evaluation

Phase I: Competitive Analysis and Research

Great design starts by understanding the problem. Phase I is where we define the design problems and discover strategies for solving those problems. We will perform a basic analysis of the current business landscape and research will be conducted to observe use of content and site functionality of competing websites. Our goal is to analyze your competitor’s relative strengths and weakness in order to place your company in the best possible business position online and to encourage higher user-interaction for its users once they arrive at the site.

Phase II: Usability Review/Analysis

A professional recommendation will be provided on the basis of past experience, industry knowledge, website standards and usability design. We will recommend a navigational scheme and linking structure so users can easily find what they need. Ease of use is vital to the success of the website. The goal is increased user productivity and setting, meeting and/or exceeding user expectations.

Phase III: Creative Exploration & Design Development

This is where we begin the creative problem solving process and start developing ideas to visually express your core message. Every choice, from layout and color to type size and style is made with your communication goals in mind. The “big” ideas are then chosen for development into initial concepts, and are further refined. We then present the initial concepts to you and work with you to turn these concepts into a comprehensive design direction.

At this stage we will provide:

  1. Several design concepts for evaluation. These designs will be provided as jpg images and are essentially ‘screenshots’ of what the site will look like after coded into HTML. It is a ‘picture-perfect’ prototype of the final deliverable.
  2. Designs are then refined based on client feedback. The process of editing and refining the design will continue for several iterations and the final design will be produced.
  3. The final design will be presented for signoff. Once there is an agreement on the web site’s look-and-feel, we will code the pages to look exactly like the prototype.

Phase IV: Production Management & Implementation

At this phase we execute on the final design, turning the approved prototype into a working website. The site architecture is implemented, the site templates are produced, and all the graphic interface components are created and optimized. The site is then tested to be compatible with all major browser versions (Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Internet Explorer 8+ on Mac and PC).

At this stage we will provide:

  1. A fully functional website coded in standards-based XHTML/CSS.
  2. Photography and other graphic assets will be gathered and produced.
  3. Backend code will be optimized for Search Engines.
  4. A configured Content Management System for easy updating by your staff.

Phase V: Search Engine Optimization

In this phase, we modify your web site so that your web site ranks well in the organic listing section of a search engine results page. These are the free listings (as opposed to the paid‚ sponsored links‚ usually found to the right or at the top); and the ordering of results is based on how relevant a Search Engine thinks your page is based on a user query.

At this stage we will provide:

  1. Keyword Positioning: Based on the results from the competitive analysis, we may introduce new keywords and phrases, and reposition current keywords for optimal Search Engine results. These tactics will be executed in the On-Site Optimization section.
  2. Information Architecture: Solid Information Architecture and linking structure is the backbone of every successful search strategy. Pixelpunk Creative will architect and structure the site in a natural, user-friendly way that reflects target audience’s behavior.
  3. Page Architecture: Pixelpunk will design the back-end code to standards-compliant, fast-loading, search engine friendly, and accessible.
  4. Tactical On-Site Optimization: Pixelpunk Creative will implement all on-page optimization strategies. These will include: Title Tag Syntax and Optimization, Canonical URL/301 Redirect Issues, Page File Size, META Descriptions, URL Parameter Limitations, URL Depth, Heading Tags, Hyperlink optimization, ALT Tag Requirements, Strong/Emphasis Usage, Internal Linking Strategies, Keyword Density and Placement, etc.
  5. Google Analytics: We will install Google’s free (but very powerful) analytics software so that you are able to track and measure the success of your new website. Analyzing the data gathered will also provide clues as to how to make improvements to the site in the future.
  6. Business Directory Submission: The top Search Engines allow business owners to submit and configure a ‘Business Listing’ or ‘Places’ page. These listings often appear above the natural search results if the engine thinks your listing is more relevant to a user than the normal organic results. We will submit and configure these listings for you.

Phase VI: Outcome Evaluation

Our work isn’t done after the project delivers. We want to know how it’s working. We work with you to gather feedback, and evaluate not only how the process went, but also what the response has been from the target audiences.

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