The Star Fantasy Leagues Story

Star Fantasy Leagues is a leading daily, weekly, and season-long fantasy sports technology company headquartered in Rochester, NY.

Two brothers, Justin and Zachary Stanley, had a long-time dream of creating their own fantasy sports company and contacted me before they had a name or even a formal business plan for what they wanted to build. Together, over many craft beers at a local pub, we mapped out a plan, christened the name “Star Fantasy Leagues,” and got to work creating an innovative online gaming platform from the ground up.

Project Scope

  • Logo Design & Branding

  • Marketing Collateral Design & Production

  • Digital/Social Advertising

  • Website Design and UI/UX Design

  • Wireframe and Prototype Development

  • Technical Requirements Documentation

Portfolio | Star Fantasy Leagues | Logo
Portfolio | Star Fantasy Leagues | Business Cards
Portfolio | Star Fantasy Leagues | T-Shirt
Portfolio | Star Fantasy Leagues | Mug

I love projects like this. Their idea for the company was just a concept, and I was able to help create and shape their vision and bring their dream to life. While I was obviously involved in the branding, look-and-feel, and the “voice” of the company, I was also, due to my experience as a Product Marketing Manager, able to lead the initial technical aspects of the project.

Working with a large application development firm, I provided the foundational wireframes and prototypes as well as the base technical requirements for the application. So while I provided the user interface designs and “look” of the site, I was also the liaison with the database programmers to make the magic happen on the backend.

Portfolio | Star Fantasy Leagues | Tradeshow Booth

Client Results

Using the provided wireframes, prototypes, and technical requirements, the developers and database programmers were able to create an innovative, best-in-class fantasy sports platform. Ultimately, Star Fantasy Leagues ended up receiving a 2 million+ investment from billionaire Dermot Desmond to help drive future growth and take the platform to the next level. I am very proud to have been part of the start-up team that helped make that happen.